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Amsterdam hosts opening of World's first 3d printed steel bridge

Steel bridge inauguration
Steel bridge inauguration

Her Majesty of Amsterdam, Dutch Queen Maxima, officially inaugurated the bridge made of stainless steel and manufactured by MX3D. A pedestrian bridge spans a canal in the heart of the red light district in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was opened for public after inauguration on Thursday, July 15, 2021.

Creative and Smart design

As per dutch's 3d printing company, it all started 6 years back. The design of the bridge is artistically creative, its totally eye catching and mesmerizing. Company had first 3D Scanned the area where the bridge was planned to be replaced. Later they had created lots of creative ideas, lastly in 2018 newly made bridge design was finalised. Creators even won best design award in the same year. With creativity, bridge is smartly designed also. Its a smart living bridge they say. Bridge is fitted with lots of sensors. These sensors will be used to track the nature of people using the bridge. As such with creative and smart design, natural they have made it strong and durable.

bridge load baring test
bridge load baring test

You can go completely crazy with a design you can do whatever you want it they could have printed a standard fridge but that wouldn't make sense at all equipped with the Hi-Tech sensors the smart Bridge will be a living laboratory there are sensors placed underneath the bridge which will document how many people pass at any given moment so that will help to think about how people behave in the public space but also how bridges and tunnels can wear down so it gives lot of Insight the bridge will be a test of how the internet of things can work in the cities. WOW

Creative and Smart designed bridge
Creative and Smart designed bridge, will test IOT can work in cities

It is a combination of welding equipment and a robot combine them together. Bridge design is uploaded in the software and 3d sliced and that is driving the whole system and that's turning whole mechanism into the 3D printer

Welding equipment and Robot combination in work
Welding equipment and Robot combination in work

People say that the design of the bridge is based on the technology, the technology has specific characteristic you can look at complexity in a completely different way but it's Roberts working with on digital data

MX3d bridge
View of 3D Printed bridge

Benefits of 3D Printing in construction

With tight timetables and financial plans, development organizations are continually searching for better approaches to arrive at their goal. However enormous scope projects can't be completely reliant upon 3D printing, the innovation offers a few possible enhancements to the development area to build productivity.

There are a few advantages, yet surely, the business will confront difficulties in its development too. While 3D printed bridges are still moderately new, the advantages of development have been clear. Here are they:

  1. Control on wastage as only required raw material is used in additive manufacturing, wastage sometimes can be also ZERO

  2. Design customization it will be so easy to modify the design of the construction, once relevant 3D file is ready. Command is to be given with the 3d sliced files to the roberts working and design customization is there

  3. Construction at jet speed The speed of these machines in building homes / constructed units ought to be a sign of how they can manage spans. For example, machines have constructed straightforward safe houses surprisingly fast. On account of scaffolds, innovation could take additional time, yet it will be quicker and more precise without human blunder.

  4. Risk reduced With development done by 3D printing machines, well being and dangers can be decreased. To put it another way, an adaption of 3D printing could totally prompt lives being saved. Also these Roberts can work throughout the days and in all seasons.

3D Printing when twined with any of STEAM field will produce great results. That's reason 3D Printing lab setup is promoted by Indian government. STEAM education is the future of education.

Those who want to know about the basics of 3D Printing and want to attend seminar. They should directly start watching our educational seminar video which will make them aware with the technology completely

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