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Mix and Match words

The artistic way to join 2 words into 1 is MIX AND MATCH WORDS. The formed structure when is seen from left has a different word / alphabet and from right has a different word / alphabet. Yeah its a mesmerizing effect. Till now we are used to see one word at a time. This is all together a new approach in viewing.

PLANETA 3D has currently launched in personalized gift sector as its an unique gift to give to your loved ones, friends, relatives and whoever is special to you. People will definitely like to showcase it to others due to its uniqueness.

This will be very artistic way for corporate companies to present to their staff. Corporate companies can even make it in big size as they wish. For sure it will be view point and selfie for the visitors

yes it is 3D Printed and so abundance in possibilities for sure

Enjoy it and order one for yourself now

You can email your order on

or whatsapp on +91-8369267057 whatsapp link:

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