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PM Modi @ ‘Prarambh : Startup India International Summit’

PM Modi addresses ‘Prarambh : Startup India International Summit’ via video conferencing in Delhi praises first 3d printing. He acknowledges efforts put by all young entrepreneurs for the development of country. He is happy to see that young generation is more excited to become an entrepreneur than to do a job. He therefore believes that our country INDIA will have a faster progress in asia.

3d printing is an important innovation tool, which can be used in any startup one does. A technology for manufacturing small batch production, additive manufacturing. Faster, easier and cheaper. An entrepreneur does not needs to wait for it's product prototype for months now. They can have it in days by using 3d printing technology. #planeta_3d provides 3d printing prototype services

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Moreover, its right time to have a startup in 3d printing, Planeta 3D helps in setting up your 3d printing lab. Planeta 3D has a wide range of 3d printers right from DIY kits to big Industrial machines, which can suit as per your budget and end usage. Planeta 3D also sets up EDUCATIONAL 3D PRINTING LABS in schools, colleges and institutes.

Come fast, dont be slow and start 3d printing today

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