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PLANETA 3D have designed 3D Printing Seminar / Workshop for anyone of any age in any field. 

No prior knowledge of 3D printing is required to take these Seminar / Workshop. These Seminar / Workshop on 3D Printing helps the participants understand the design, functioning and operation of a basic 3D Printer. A comprehensive one day workshop which highlights the key features of 3D printing and introduces you to a future Industry.

Structure for Seminar / Workshop

Introduction to 3D Printing

General Introduction and various techniques

Applications of 3D Printing

The wide-spread applications of 3D Printing in various industries / fields based on real life cases studies

Computer Aided Design

Get introduced to CAD, installation,overview of some CAD modeling tools, Designing 3D models with different software, 3D Designing using coding, etc.

3D Scanning

How 3D Scanning works, Available 3D Scanners, How to 3D Scan using a 3D Scanner, possibilities, and applications of 3D Scanning

3D Slicing

Parameters involved in 3D Printing, visualizing Gcode, Simulating output etc.


Complete detailed informative video is uploaded for ease of people, who wants to upgrade their knowledge.

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3D Printing

Types of 3D Printing Technology, Participant's designs Random interesting objects

Trends and Future of 3D Printing

Possibilities and Present biggest thing in 3D Printing, more commercial and technical aspects, Q&A, etc

These workshops can also be tailor made for large groups that want to host an event such as seminars, offsite activities, kids birthdays and so on.

We also organize Summer Camp & Vacation class for kids & adults with a creative eye for 3D printing

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