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STEAM is the buzzword in High Schools these days, and there is potentially no better way to really kickstart a STEAM program than by incorporating a 3D PRINTING LAB

Never mind the computer on every desktop, that's a given. In the near future, teachers and students will want or have a 3D printer on the desk to help them learn core Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) principles


PLANETA 3D has a mastery in setting up the right kind of 3D printing lab that fulfils your need in school education. PLANETA 3D helps in setting up ATAL TINKERING LAB

PLANETA 3D is aware with the difficulties, obstacles and choices options that school has. So we offer three modules in 3d printing lab setup to provide ease, solution and perfect option to your school. Please see below video till the end to understand all three different modules. Select any of them for your school and let us know by filling up the form.

Module # 1 is supply of 3D Printer and raw material

Module # 2 is supply of 3D Printer, raw material, few 3D files and invitational training of 3D designing

Module # 3 is complete package of hardware, raw material, curriculum, teaching tools, training i.e. everything related to STEAM education. And best part is its all on online platform. So students can LEARN FROM HOME also and teachers can teach from anywhere preparing everything online from readymade content provided

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