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Online video Seminar of 3D Printing

PLANETA 3D has an experience of conducting introduction to 3D Printing seminar for more than 60 plus occasions till December 2019. Such seminars had been arranged from school student to professional in corporate industry. Apart from that, have also attended such seminars held on national and international platforms. 

From these knowledge sharing experience PLANETA 3D has specially designed and created a video session on a complete introduction to 3D Printing, additive manufacturing.

Topics covered are:

  • Why its known as 3d printing? 

  • What is Industry 4.0  revolution ?

  • What is 3D Printing?

  • What is 3D Designing and what softwares can be used?

  • What is 3D scanning?

  • What are different types of manufacturing process?

  • What are different technologies involved in 3D Printing?


In regular such seminar, only one technology is discussed but in this video all 7 different processes of 3D Printing and 18 different technologies have been shared and introduced. PLANETA 3D believes in knowledge sharing so have kept it FREE. Video is of 1 hour & 34 minutes. Video has 1024x768 resolution clarity with clear sound and in an Indian English (watch trailor)

Go ahead and upgrade your knowledge

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Thank You

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