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PLANETA 3D introduces Mix and Match Names.

First time in personalized gift market. A unique, artistic and creative product which you will love to gift to your loved one's. Its made in ecofriendly material which is solid but very light weight. it can be done in any color you prefer.


For durability and keeping it dustfree it comes under toughened acrylic box.

Mix and Match Names

  • For its durability, it comes under acrylic box. But if the box is fine and any of the alphabet is broken, than you have to return the product to us to recitify it and the recitified product will be delivered back to you.

    Maximum care will be taken but Return Policy fails if box is broken even during delivery. Terms and conditions apply

  • For suppose 2 names are  VISHAL(6 alpabet) & ARTI(4 alpabet)

    in single color: 6×75: Rs. 450/- only
    in dual color: 6×100: Rs. 600/- only


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