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COVID-19 patients gets treated by 3D printed valves for reanimation medical device in Italy hospital

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

3D printed valves for reanimation medical devices saving lives of COVID-19 patients at ITALY's hospital Wow this is the power of new additive manufacturing technology.

3d printed valve
Christian Fracassi, Founder CEO of Isinnova (on the left) designed and 3D printed the missing valve

In current pandemic situation of coronavirus infection infecting worldwide. It's also affecting to the manufacturing industries and supply chain. It is tough to relate how much this situation will effect worldwide on industries but it is for sure that AM Technology is going to be there as a helpful tool for the future. Currently in Italy hospitals where Corona virus infected patients are there and treated, an acute shortage of valves which are used in reanimation medical devices were needed the stock was over. Since the transportation and the supply and manufacturing is totally closed those valves were not available. The team of alighted 3D printing company came into action they 3d scanned it 3D designed it and 3D printed them.

Reverse engineering
Original and 3D Printed valve

A stitch in a time saved lives truely applies here. By this very incident happened in Italy, proves that the 3d printing technology will be an useful tool for reverse engineering and for production also. Its right time for each and every R&D department and manufacturing units to adopt additive manufacturing technology. PLANETA 3D provides the right kind of solution in additive manufacturing for your unit. PLANETA 3D also does accept 3D scanning, 3d designing and 3d printing jobs All the best, get upgraded now And in COVID-19 situation follow government instructions strictly #covid19 #planeta_3d #AMINDUSTRY

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