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Make the way for further developed products, designs, plans of action and markets with SLS

Additive manufacturing SLS technology

3D Printing with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) offers uncommon & high standard quality and efficiency while making the way for higher performing designs and product which is not at all possible & unrealistic with injection molding. SLS 3D Printing technology additionally sidesteps the long lead time and huge monetary investment in injection molding tooling. Modern SLS offers a superior absolute incentive when you measure completed parts on the three components of value, time-to-market, and cost per cubic inch, by and large.

PLANETA 3D offers a wide range of thermoplastics material for 3D printing, specifically made for a range of applications. Materials specialists, designers, and manufacturing engineers can collaborate on getting the exact features they need for both geometrical looks and function.

Its very profitable and makes the way further for

  • Improved manufactured products

  • New engineered designs

  • New business models

  • New markets

SLS 3D Printed parts can be designed with part consolidation in mind, eliminating assembly processes common to traditional manufacturing. R&D people can now design geometries for production that no other technology can produce, saving time and money

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