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R&D department requires it to save their precious time and valuable money

Research and Development department of

  • Industrial

  • Technological

  • Healthcare &

  • Pharmaceutical firms

spent highest amount of money and time for the development of new product for their company. Continuous variations and new designs are needed for the betterment of their product before the final launch of it. Companies in the #industry, #technology, #healthcare, and #pharmaceutical sectors usually have the highest levels of #Research and #Development expenses. Some of the companies—for example, those in technology—reinvest a significant portion of their profits back into research and development as an investment in their continued growth. Any company which stops their investment in R&D usually ends down in a complete failure. #SUCCESS relies heavily on the quickness and smartness of R&D department.

With traditional way for developing a prototype of the design takes a huge amount of turnaround time. It normally takes weeks sometimes even months and complex geometry can never be made. After all the precious #time and valuable #money spent, if there is any minor or major change in the design, the complete cost of making molds and other things goes in waste. Again, one has to waste its precious weeks and months waiting for the prototype of the new design.

But now R&D department can get the prototype in just hours, due to innovation in technology of #additivemanufacturing. PLANETA 3D provides best quality result with almost ZERO wastage and shrinkage. PLANETA 3D has now wide range of raw materials like #polymer, #hightemperature, #biodegradable, #titanium, #metal, #tpu #nylon etc for rapid prototyping. Get the details of all the raw materials here:

The final product of the design is in hands within a very short time and the cost is almost only 20% which gets occurred by using traditional method. So almost 80 - 90% of your valuable money is saved. You also get a high detailed product with complex geometry within days so your precious time is also saved. Also the best part is if you require the production in a small quantity than its so easy with PLANETA 3D. So you do not end up with piled stock of product. Every time you get fresh stock of product and maybe with the modifications in product's design.

3D Printing always saves your precious time and valuable money. So give rocket speed to your research and development department and get elevator for your SUCCESS. Just email your STL format file to


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