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Do you have any idea why government is focusing on STEAM EDUCATION and 3d printing labs?

Well this was question which i had personally asked almost 2358 people on whats app. By grace of Almighty, i have been in business with educational institutes from decades. So all those people whom i had asked were one way or the other way connected to educational field. They may be teachers, professors, tutors, admin department, principal, director, accounts department or so on but all on responsible post. Interestingly only few were able to answer or were interested to answer or maybe others really didn't knew. To be precise only 59 of them replied either by return whats app message or by call. But all of them also only explained me what is STEAM education and how it can be important to students. A big THANKS to all of them who became part of progressive discussion, as you are concerned with the future educational system.

But still none of them replied to the main question which was WHY GOVERNMENT IS FOCUSING ON STEAM EDUCATION AND 3D PRINTING LABS? Anyway, below image will speak a lot

Atal Innovation Mission
AIM : Atal Innovation Mission

Yes STEAM education is the need of the future education system. i believe many of us are aware what is STEAM education but i will discuss it for those who are still unaware. i am pasting the message done by Mr. Alex (name changed to save identity)

"STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

Actually this system is skill developing in children. In US, European countries and Australia have long back introduced this system as in near future children should have self knowledge of some skills. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fabrication, carpentry, printing, computer hardware, mobile repairing etc can be introduced. The present system need a change in phase wise. Everyone cannot reach academically IAS, doctors, Architect, engineers, scientists, business man, professors, teachers etc. In US almost every person does his household works. They are not calling electrician, plumbers etc for small work. This will help the students to enhance their creativity, skills from the beginning. In short STEAM education will establish a strong foundation in children from childhood as the coming century will be Robotic and science based. Basically Artificial Intelligence will and Robots will rule the world." Thanks Mr. Alex for sharing your views.

Now question is "Will technology cost jobs or create jobs in the future?" Future means in coming 5 - 10 years and not 50 - 60 years. Well lots of them believe that their contribution to their company / organisation are prominent to be effective by the change. They consider themselves: too experienced, too smart and virtually indispensable. So their jobs cannot be done without them.

Well there are other of us, who believe that technology is on the way with super smart computers, robots with high AI on which we humans are very much now getting dependent. One thing we know that technology has already influenced in a very bigger way to our lives. So "DO YOU THINK THAT TECHNOLOGY WILL ULTIMATELY CREATE JOBS OR COSTS JOBS?" (see youtube video)

Well my research tells me the net effect to the jobs will be minimum, so if we all are not going to loose our jobs than whats all these fuss about? According to current reports, 50% to 80% of current work will be done by automation. Industry 4.0 is completely based on automation i.e. 3d printing, IoT, Robotics and solar energy. So in this circumstance, peoples role will change, their working style will change. This means people must learn to WORK DIFFERENTLY.

For this purpose, just to let all professionals, students and all industrialists gets aware with the #additivetechnology various seminars are arranged. For your ease, PLANETA 3D has uploaded complete seminar's content online. That also on a very nominal affordable charges, do see and share the video to upgrade yourself and your loved ones in knowledge.

World's each and every country's government, economies and companies recognizes that if they do not embrace the technology very quickly, they will be left behind and also out of their positions.

3d printing in advanced fabrication lab
Chinmay Sevak is cousin of my school friend Chetan Thakkar

Many of the today's leading companies are already built on such technologies or they have quickly adapted such technologies. This clearly means, that now company will be only hiring such professionals which will be having right upgraded skills matching with the technology. This is not a small problem, reports suggest across the globe more than 900M people needs to be quickly UP-SKILLED, QUALIFIED & TRAINED for doing these upcoming roles. So future of work is changing and so our INDIA's government is more focusing on STEAM EDUCATION and have named mission as #AIM ATAL INNOVATION MISSION. Government is motivating educational institutes to start STEAM LABS and give education to INDIA's future generation.

steam education
PLANETA 3D promotes STEAM Education

3D Printing will be the base technology for the future. It will be incorporated with all professional fields in the best possible way to ease innovation and production. So each and everyone who wishes to prosper should be learning, knowing and adopting the technology. From last few years experience, i have got to know that qualified engineers, professionals, designers, architects and even teachers want to learn about 3D Printing and 3D designing. Since its a new technology, not only professionals but most of the time even teachers can't teach to students as they don't know. So on much request and demand, PLANETA 3D for everybody's benefit have introduced a basic level start course and has named as BEGINNER COURSE which includes 3D Printer and 3D Designing also. Instead of just downloading ready made stl files from net, learn how to make it? Do visit and enroll now as currently offering at discounted rates

Come, lets join our hands and lets make FUTURE TOGETHER

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