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Future : 3d print food you eat

Hey Yes! you read it right, soon it will be possible, you don't need to be in kitchen to cook the food you wish to eat. Yeah you can 3d print your food. As a writer and a 3d printing technology lover, i think it will be a fact in next 5 years maximum. Researchers are working with bio-printing process for all kind of food.

Most interesting part as per researchers is that it will be fresh, full of natural minerals and vitamins. There will be no need of adding any preservatives, many of the items will be bio-printed and cell based. WOW, so tasty also and at same time more healthier also. And most importantly it will be ready without the need of your physical presence. All you may need to do is wish and give command, PRINT command

Food in shapes which you would love to see it and enjoy the taste with its pure vitamins.

Astronomers as such were first professionals who started 3d printing pizzas for themselves in space. Nasa funded robots which can 3d print for them. Its boon for them as it gave fresh food to them and also no need of storage of food items. Pizza is looking yummy, what do you say?

In another post, i shared KFC achievement, but at same time let me share that there are many big hotels and restaurants who have already adopted the technology and are serving world classic food, which mesmerizes by its composition, texture and taste. Spoons which can be made from fruits' base and shapes which can have vegetables. Possibilities are limitless

What can happen best than this? Lovely shapes as per your wish and that also in delicious yummy chocolates. YES, its a reality and soon PLANETA 3D is planning to have such machines to serve chocolates in artistic shapes.

Personalized pan cakes 3d printed, what more can it be asked for? You can have your smiley selfie like this girl preferred to have and enjoy it.

Our own India's jalebi 3d printing machine. Even though manufacturers have not named it as a 3d printer, i feel it works on same principle so am referring it with the technology i am loving it (pl excuse)

So get ready for the future, 3d print your food. Give thoughts and shape to the food you will love to eat.


Do share all the posts and let people know about the new technology

We will change and welcome future together

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