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Innovative 3D Printed toys will make your brain play

3D Printing creates a WOW factor, in whichever field its used. The magic this technology has is just mind blowing. 3D Printing creates what your heart desires to be made.

This hexagon joy, a 3d Printed toy. The-lazy-engineer are the people behind this mind-bobbling design. They named it as Satisfying Hexagons , it will make your brain play around the product.

The-lazy-engineer has mentioned on their site that "this one is a small geometric toy that is oddly

satisfying to play with"

If you own a 3D Printer, you can also 3d print such kind of a geometrical designed toy. PLANETA 3D has even 3d printed it, with PLA. Keeping .20 with .40 nozzle

Definitely, its very entertaining and lets your brain play with it. Another mystifying 3d printed toy is Right Side Arrow, the arrow which never points towards left. Yes correct it always points at RIGHT SIDE only.

PLANETA 3D has 3d printed it with PLA, with 0.20 resolution and with 0.4 nozzle. It will always make your brain think there is no left side pointing. Just see the below video, to experience it.

One more 3d printed toy, for your brain storming and is based on hyperboloid . Again its very entertaining and lets your brain play

Yes again, everything in it is 3d printed except nylon threads used in it

Even you can 3d print it, no special settings are needed in it. Yes and its 3d printed using eco-friendly material PLA

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