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PM Narendra Modi accepts Corona virus has in fact fasten the speed of IND 4.0

In this pandemic COVID-19, industries all over the world came to a stand still. India also suffered the set back. But pandemic corona virus in fact gave the boom to the new industrial revolution of fourth generation IND 4.0. Automation, robotics and overall 3D Printing technology came into a great help

Hon. P.M. Narendra Modi very graciously acknowledged the services provided by 3D Printing like PLANETA 3D and others did. Face shield proved to be one of the main cover more effective to protect oneself from corona virus. PLANETA 3D also 3D printed quality face shield which covers the complete face i.e. eyes, nose, mouth, ears and neck also

Apart from face shield and covid key which are used by commonly by all individuals to get protection from corona virus, 3D printing has been a boom to many more things in current situation. Additive manufacturing technology has also helped researchers and entrepenuers for the rapid prototyping for the new devices they planned to introduced in this pandemic. in deed the future is of automation and industry fourth generation (Ind 4.0) will be very much dependent on 3d printing

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